Asbestos Removal

Comprehensive and affordable asbestos removal in Sydney

At Demolition Companies Sydney, we understand the importance of asbestos removal from any property before undertaking demolition service. Asbestos is deadly for any property as it can lead to deterioration in health and affect the environment. That is why we offer asbestos removal before demolition services in and around Sydney. With years of experience in the demolition industry, we have garnered all the necessary machinery that keeps us ever ready to handle any aspect of a site. Be it earthwork removal, asbestos removal, demolition, or heavy haulage, we have a large fleet of suitable equipment available. We aim to offer end-to-end service and be your one-stop solution for all your needs. We are efficient to work in any property, be it residential, commercial or industrial. Talk with our team right now about effective asbestos removal in Sydney by calling on 0417 417 400. We will efficiently answer all of your queries. Contrary to it, you can also fill up the enquiry form, and our expert will get to you soon.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos was primary used in commercial and industrial buildings during the late 1800s. Gradually, it also saw its utilisation in residential apartments. The utilisation of asbestos offered fireproofing, soundproofing and insulation and so widely became common in Australia. In 1920 the manufacturing of asbestos gained popularity and saw a wide usage in real estate development. However, this is deadly and can cause lung tissue inflammation, scarring and other asbestos-related diseases. The product faced a complete ban in 2003.

Some of the services that we offer in asbestos removal:

  • Reviewing of asbestos
  • Site remediation
  • Asbestos testing and sampling
  • Non-friable asbestos removal
  • Friable asbestos removal
  • Emergency asbestos removal

Contacting Demolition Companies Sydney

Our efficient demolishers are highly skilled in removing all kinds of asbestos and dispose of them securely in dedicated disposal grounds. We maintain special safety measures to prevent contamination of the environment. Book an appointment now!

Safety Standards

Demolition Companies Sydney’s employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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